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The R90S Owners Club was formed in 1975 by ___ Cramer, and then revived in 1995 by Ken Claus.

The club has been holding "national" rallies since the first in 2001. See the calendar for the location of this year's rally.

The R90S Owners Club has (as of Feb 2010) 132 members in 8 countries and in 28 states of the US. In total they own 160 R90S models, evenly divided across the three years of production, 1974, 1975, and 1976.

In 1975, Ken Claus had just bought his R90s. He decided to go to the BMWMOA national rally which "was outstanding in every way".

While there, a person on a R90s pulled up next to Ken and introduced himself. Cramer was his name. He was trying to get a National Sports Owner's club started strictly for R90s's. Ken was one of the first to join. Ken and Cramer kept in touch and saw each other at different rallies. Time passed. The club was listed in the BMW owner's anonymous book until 1993, when it seemed to disappear.

Meanwhile Ken's son Ron Claus bought a 1974 R90s and Ken was reminded of the R90s club again. Ken still had his bike, so he gave Cramer a call to ask if Ken could breathe some new life in the club. It was ok with Cramer, so Ken contacted BMWMOA to get their ok to restart the club and got a positive response. so in 1995, the club was reborn. The impressive staff consisted of Ken's son Ron as President, Ken as Vice President and Ken's wife as Secretary. We all worked on the newsletter later on. I went to as many rallies as possible and handed out flyers as well as my club card.

What happened next helped things along. Frank Cachia (from Australia) came to Ken's house for a few days. Ken took pictures and Ken's son wrote an article for the BMW Owner's News and the new publicity started things happening.

A lot of people were interested in keeping the legend alive. Many thanks go to the dedicated people who have helped all these years: Bill Stevens, our current president, Rick Griffith, Norm Delezenne, John Yee and Mac Kirpatrick and all those who gave a helping hand over the years.

Let's keep it going.

Ken Claus

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